Dinner Party

بما إن الجو صاير بارد هل الأيام ، قررنا نعزم رفيجاتنا على العشاء بره في حديقتنا
والله وايد إستانسنا وياكم ، مشكورين كلكم على الييه

 Since the weather is getting cooler, we decided to have some friends over for dinner outdoors
We had a great time with you girls, thank you all for coming


meme said…
thank you i really enjoyed it a lot. and i want a black brooch ( same model i saw)
The Stig said…
I really love the blog cuz everything is real! and it one of the few that still doesn't do copy/paste..

although am not a fan of fashion, but you are a skilled photographer.

keep it up :)
aL-NooR . said…
loved it
3lekom bel 3fya :)
Anonymous said…
yum yumy for the tummy
imiss such gatherings ..home sweet home tasty food lol

mrastlkom mn london
Anonymous said…
عليكم بألف عافيه

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