أنا ما صدقت أول ما شفته
رفيجت  أختي ملزقة صور من مجلات  على طوفة مكتبها بالدوام

I couldn't believe it when I first saw the pictures
My sister's friend arranged pictures from magazines on the wall of her office

size: approximately 1 x 2 meter

على طاري الكولاج
في بنات بالإكزبشن (يم سلايدر ستيشن) اليوم ، ياخذون صوركم و يحولونهم إلى لوحة فنية  ، مادري إذا يسون شي ثاني غير اللوحات بس إلى مار هناك شوفوا شنو عندهم
موجودين لين الـ 10:00 باليل

Speaking about collage, a group of girls at The Exhibition (next to slider station) have an event today under the name of (La Collage). They take your pictures and turn them into a canvas or something else, don't know, but if you were there, check them out

"Pictures forgotten about in your computer ? Millions of albums hidden away ? Want to relive those past memories? Join with "La Collage" where they design your photos in a new creative and artistic way to meet your satisfaction. For birthdays, hobbies, holidays, or any memorable Occasions. 10 am to 10pm"


Om MoD said…
تنسيقها عجيب وقصها أعجب ما شاالله ..

بسس شلون دوامها عادي ؟؟؟
DoDoq8 said…
وناسه خووش شي والله


وايد حلو

حلاته احط يصورها واهي قاعده
النوري said…
wow amazing and she can have that in work???
i wana do the same bas i have to think where to put it??!!
Anonymous said…
I will send u picture of my office it's an artistic one and close to what she have :D am about to re new the wall pictures coz they are three years old :p so I"ll take pictures before and after :))) good taste for the one u"ve posted ;))
Qatarii said…
I love this!! I love making collages! They're always fascinating to look at!
Me Blogging said…
Om mod:

ee shiftay shlon ana estaghrabt ba3ad

heheh sa7 kalamich

yes it is an art work


ohh i remebering doing a party theme like that, wanna look for the pictures and show u

Can't wait to see them :)

:) yes you r right
idée said…
lazm ajrb !!
Noon said…

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