The Collage File

أدري إن لاعت جبدكم من بوستات الكولاج ، بس توني لقيت ملف أنا مسويته لما كنت بالثانوية فحبيت أراويكم إياه ، حاطة في رسماتي ملوت حصة الرسم ، الله و الرسمات إللي داخل ، يضيقون الخلق ، بس شفتوا العارضات ؟ واااااي هبت التوب مودل ، كنت مغرمة فيهم

I know you are probably sick of the collage posts, but I just found this file that I made when I was in high school for art class, I wanted you to see it,  I used to place my drawings and painting inside, huh my paintings, they are hideous. Did you see all the models? I was in love with them, the Top Model trend


Anonymous said…
LOl;p! 9adgni their good drawings! shofai moloti ohma el hideous wala;$
t6l3ain 3alai picaso! alah y3afi our driver kan yarsmli bs;D
bs wanas u find something 8adeem w esthofaina w etgooln: what was i thinking? seriously ;p?

-Queeen Bee
Alya said…
I LOVED THE SUPERMODEL ERA!! I even wrote a post about how I want them back!

I loved art back in school as well. Your work isn't bad at all ;)

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