لوحة ليلة الإسراء و المعراج للفنان المصري أحمد مصطفى ، بيعت في مزاد سوذبي في الدوحة - قطر بـ 842,500 دولار امريكي، يحليلي و انا اول ما شفتها ادور السعر

Art work of the Egyptian artist Ahmed Moustafa - The Night Journey and Ascension - Sold for $842,500 at Sotheby's Doha Auction, HUH and I was looking for the price when I first saw it, silly me, little did I know

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Maryam said…
That painting is incredible! but in my opinion it wasn't the masterpiece of the Sotheby's event. You should check Mounir Fatmi's Tetre Dure painting... brilliant & beautiful. I've been obsessing over it ever since the event was held;)
Anonymous said…
agree with maryoma the girl on top of chocolate! ..
it causes me headach looking at it for so long ,,

greatest accurate finest touch of brush but not that WOW at all ..

iwould only pay 100kd ya sothb.

lady jow said…
outstanding...mshallah ;*

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