هذي مشكلة المودا

هذي مشكلة المودا ، كلنا نلبس نفس الشي

بالصورة: أختي و بنت خالتي بنروح نشوف فلم

This is the problem of fashion, we all dress up the same

In picture: my sister and cousin D going out to see a movie


Anonymous said…
dear do me a favour
& ask them from where did they buy their trousers ?
many thanks
Anonymous said…

from where the scarfs are ??

tnx :)
Unknown said…
روعهة حده خصوصا الاورنج
Me Blogging said…
The trouser on the left from Utergue along with the scarf, min the same store, trousers on the right from Zara and the scarf from India
Anonymous said…
Utergue ??

Which mall :)
Anonymous said…
uterque hmmmmmm ididnt see it in london ,
thanks though you are such a sweet & generous girl sharing with us your style & inspiring us..
Anonymous said…
am wearing the leopard flats right now, wouldn't have known about them if it werent for this blog. thanks wayed, wayed :**

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