و أنا أقول الناس من وين إييبون هالتفافيخ (على قولت إختي بلالين) ، طلع من هني
محل في سوق السالمية إسمه فيياستا كويت
تقدرون بعد تطلبون عن طريق التلفون ، ويوصلونهم لكم لي أي مكان تبون

So this is the place where people get balloon arrangements
Store: Fiesta Kuwait
Location: Souq Al-Salmiya
You could also order by phone, and they will deliver it to any place you want

Tel: تلفون: 25712135
web site: fiestakuwait


Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
The number is wrong :(
Me Blogging said…
sorry, here is the correct number
تلفون: 25712135
Anonymous said…
goodmorning everybody we want big
Balloons and all i want for me Please just giveme one second okay
and we want "Balloons" for myBirthday pls yes and we want it for party to anything with outside
door and one day before i want their with my Sister to buy something for our Party in the night but not in darknight no for everything i don't want it to you only me and whatever i like it bad a way nothing else want more for sure why not and Thanks...:)myname isDaliaGhoubar yes

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