At Uterque

 أنا ممنوع علي أشتري جليهات فرو، يمعت وايد، إشتروه بدالي لو سمحتوا
المحل موجود بالافنيوز
سعره تقريبا 150 دينار كويتي

Now I am banned from buying fur vests, I got a lot of them, please buy this one for yourself
from Uterque at the Avenues
approximately KD 150

مستوحى من مجموعة ميو ميو لصيف 2010
Inspired from Miu Miu Spring Summer collection 2010

Miu Miu SS 2010


Anonymous said…
wain mukan il ma7al bil thab6?
dana said…
at the avenues jdam carrefour + body shop.. sa6rat baroue
Noura said…
اينن المحل او راقي او اسعاره معقوله
توني شريت منهم بروش شحلوه
مايصير احط بالتعلق صور؟
Me Blogging said…
dezi email :)
Anonymous said…
the fur vest is not wow :)
hmmmmmm sealed kharoof ready to death :P
Anonymous said…
Eyaneen el vest
Anonymous said…
Thank you Dana :)
Anonymous said…
HAHAHAHA - don't worry, you can purchase as many fur vests as you desire, cause am sure you will wear them in innovative ways - xoxo

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