Accessorising the abaya

كنت قاعده اطالع مجلة بازار أريبيا و لفتت نظري هذي الصفحة إللي فوق ، وايد عجبني التصوير المفصل للإكسسوار فراويتهم اختي و أنا قاعده أقول لها : مادري ليش أحسهم نفس تصويري حق البلوق ، مو صح؟
لما بديت أقره الموضوع إلا يطلع كله عن بلوقرز بنات من قطر !!!!! ما أصدق ، إيننون ، هذوله الصور كله تصويرهم ، واااايد حلوين

I was flipping through the pages of Harper's Bazaar Arabia - November 2010 issue and came across this page above, I really liked the detailed photography of the accessories, so I showed my sister the magazine and was saying  to her: I don't know why, but those pictures looks similar to the one I shoot for my blog, am I right?
When I started reading, it turns out that the whole subject is about girl bloggers from Qatar!!!!! I couldn't believe it, they all look amazing, those pictures where all taken by them. Loved them all

و سيده رحت يبت الكمبيوتر و بديت ادخل على بلوق بلوق ، كل واحد احلى من الثاني ، بس أكثر بلوقين شدوني و هم

Right away I brought my PC and started checking all the blogs listed, one by one, but 2 of these blogs caught my eyes:


إشتروا المجلة ، تونس، بس بـ 1.250 دينار كويتي
Get your issue now, its only KD 1.250

more Qatari blogs to come .... now have to get ready for our Friday gathering,  TaTa


DoDoq8 said…
wooow mashalah they are relly good blogs

lm going now to bay it

Sn3a said…
THAAA--AAA--NX for sharing those wow blogs!
i realy loved EYE of the DAY
النوري said…
the yellow peekabo didnt remind u of me :p remember u saw it first 3endy :P
idée said…
that looks intresting
BeBe said…
Mashallah fe nac mubd3a
Anonymous said…
y3teej el3afya
nice :)
mrsltkon fee kwt now
Me Blogging said…
eee gelna o khalasna :)

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