"Send in your pictures" post

شكرا لروانا إللي دزتلي هذي الصور الحلوه للبسها ، عجبتني الصوره القريبة للأشياء
بنات ، انا ليما ألحين ناطره صور يمعتكم
دزوهم على إيميل: 

Thanx to my reader Rouwana for sending me these beautiful pictures of her outfit, lovely detail shoots
Girls, I'm still waiting for your gathering  pictures 
send them to:  memeblogging@yahoo.com


Anonymous said…
I love your pictures rouwana
Mariam said…
i'll send them soon inshalla ^^
Mariam said…
aaa3 :@ sh7n alcam thay3 T_T
Anonymous said…
Don't mean to beharsh but seriously!! This kind of outfit should never be posted to as stylish outfit to be admired leanna 7araggg.
Mini ruffles skirt with pants, big NO! And over-accessorizing from river island..

Rouwana said…
Anonymous 1 : Thank you :)
Anonymous 2 : well , kil wa7ed o thouqa bes to correct your comment , the top is half cotton and half ruffles.. sadgeni i wont wear mini skirt with pants ;p
rings : from bcbg .
necklace : vintage shop in London.
the only thing i was wearing from river island is the clutch
shoes : nisait ;p
thanks to "me blogging" again :)
Me Blogging said…
Feel Free:
weee 6al3ay el cart mal el cam o 7i6e 3ala el laptop direct

the pictures meant to show people's different styles and what they wear in Kuwait in their gatherings, not what is stylish. o a7la shay how they apply trends and assemble it
Anonymous said…
yabeelha akseswarat akthar. *sarcasm*

Anonymous said…
shaklich ey3aqed ! i love the combination of yellow black and white o a7la shay the shoes i want to see more of your style ~

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