The Last Friday Gathering

هذي آخر يمعه بنكون فيها في الكويت ، الأسبوع الياي بنكون كلنا مسافرين إلى مكه للحج

This will be our last friday gathering in Kuwait, next week all of us will be traveling to Macca for Haj

هذي الكيكة المثلثه (فيها بسكوت ، جبن كيري و كاكاو) يموتون عليها بنات خالتي

The Triangle cake (made of biscuits, Keeri cheese and chocolate) my cousins love it

الجو بده يصير حلو هذي الأيام فقعدنا بره العصر و شبينا الشمعه عشان ما إيينا الذبان

The weather is getting cooler these days so we sat outside in the afternoon and we lit a candle so the flies won't come near us

عائلتي وافقت على التصوير بدون ذكر أسماء الماركات للملابس

My family agreed to taking pictures of them but without mentioning the brand names of our clothes


style Muse said…
el candle zoooqa mashalla men wean??
w.. said…
El caaaaake shakelha 5ayaaal mashalla
Men waaain;D or how to do it plz;*
Anonymous said…
i love ur friday gatherings! always have such classy and hot style :)
Me Blogging said…
el candle min lebanon min ma7al esma WOW
7arf el waw
hatha sit-hom:

I will get you the recipe :)
lorra said…
hi dear
do u live in the sea side couse my home is there 2
a few familles are there as well
~S~ said…
Greetings from Abu Dhabi :)

Hajj mabrook in advance dear!

Love your style!

I'm thinking of visiting Kuwait soon. Can you recommend a hotel please?

Sn3a said…
tro7oon o treddon bel salama
7aj mabroor o thanb ma'3foor en sha Allah
DoDoq8 said…
بالسلامه ان شاءالله

وحج مقبول ان شاءالله

Unknown said…
بالسلامة تقبل الله
n said…
e7naa ba3ad ensawe The Triangle cake etyanen

and to s from abudhabi i recommend marina hotel/ the palm / courtyard alraya bs el location mo wayed 7elow
sara said…
pllllz how to do the cake , thanks
Bint ilKuwait said…
Mashallaaaah nicceeeee pictures;)
Me Blogging said…

S from Abu dhabi:
will do a pot about it

allah ysalmich

and for the ones who asked about the cake will publish the recipe soon enshallah
Unknown said…
Belsalama inshallah o allah ytgabal menkum :*
Noora said…
I ADORE ur friday gathering posts, they bring back alot of memories when me and my cousins would all be there, kanat mandatory gabil :p now kilman tezawaj o laha and it's just not the same any more ;(
allah etamim 3lekom o 3asah betin dayem ;)

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