Just Like McQueen in Red

الجنطه  السوده إللي تشبه أليكساندر مكوين ألحين أكو منها حمره في ريفر أيلند الأفنيوز

The black Alexander McQueen look a like clutch is now available in red at River Island (Avenues)


Just A Bunch said…
wow, twannis! mo thak ezzod ana ma3a ilreds, bs this looks so awesome!
Anonymous said…
sooooldoooout !!
Me Blogging said…
how shloon sold out, ames msawrat-ha at 7:30 pm!!!!
lameta said…
ana kent abe elaswad bs galaw 5al9a>!!!
how much is this one??
Just A Bunch said…
Got it!!! it totally ROCKS!!

Lameta, it's 19, 500

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