I've Got Mail: شجع الأزرق


كشوخة  (يعني كشخة بلغة رفيجتي)


يوصل من

 Chocolate bar

بس حق الأزرق ، درزن كب كيك ، أول عشر طلبات ببلاش

أطلب الآن



WOW, now you can order from chocolate bar through Venyoo online store

Only for the Kuwaiti football team (Al-Azraq)

A dozen of Cup cakes representing Alazraq

First 10 orders will be free of charge

Order Now




Hope said…
a very nice gesture from chocolate bar
bs ra7at 3laina =p
Hanoooda said…
cream el zarga ehli bs etshaweg lonhaaa 3ajeeeeb :D
Anonymous said…
khoboz akhthar galaw green tea!
red velvet a7mar galaw beet root!
cup cake azrag ballah shbikoon!
how could ppl color food like that! n what's worse is how could ppl eat it!
NafNoof said…
ive made the order THANX 2 U and got the offer :D the frosting was in blue wth " HAYDOO, YA MTAKTAK, and OUR CAMEL" writtening on it! it came in 3 flavors; Chocolate, Vanilla and Red Valvet, 4 of each kind :) and they were YUMMY :)
Me Blogging said…
Bel 3afya

:) yes

ya 7ilo el akil el masboogh

Um il sa3af wil leef:
sij walla!!!! ghareeba
wama howa el badeel ya tora?

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