Got My Remote

اليوم وصل ريموت الكاميرا من أمازون ، أقدر ألحين أصور نفسي ، بجربه

Today I received my Canon remote controller from Amazon , now I can take picture of myself , lets try it...

كل شي لابسته من زارا ، حتى الدسوس ، حلوين مو صح؟

تره مو برد بالكويت إللي أنا لابسه جذي ، بس قاعده أراويكم مجموعتي الشتويه

Everything I'm wearing from Zara, even the gloves , nice ha :) ?

Its not yet cold in Kuwait, I'm just showing you my winter collection


L.B.T said…
3loaich bel 3afia 7bibti .. :) kil shai 7elo 3laich
Anonymous said…
OK i am in love with this little fella in your hands!

why haven't i heard about it before? does it work with all Canon models?! I am soo buying my self one!

P.S. love your zara ensamble :D
Anonymous said…
Shlon elcanon? Na6lbha?
Me Blogging said…
LBT: mashkora:)

I think it works on all canon models, not sure

walla zaina, bes madre laish ana wedi en Nikon
ma3ana walla mara sawart feeha bes kila ashoof swarha zaina, madre they are edited wela la
Anonymous said…
ur 3ajeeba, head to toe, aura and all - wel tasweer included, 7adeth wala 7araj- what's the camera model?
Unknown said…
Those gloves are to die forrr, mashallah 3alaij bel3afya!
I got the canon D1000 is it the same model you got?
Anonymous said…
Which model are u using from Canon?

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