Going classic

Say hi to my new Marc Jacobs shoes
it looks ostrich but its not

جوتيي اليديد من مارك جاكوب ، شكله يلد نعام بس إهو مو نعام
أختي تعيب علي تسمي جوتي الأبله، ليش إنه مبوز من جدام


~S~ said…
Thank you for your "where to stay in Kuwait" post and for praising the UAE.

I thought of visiting Kuwait after reading Kuwaiti blogs!

You do a great job! Keep it up!

P.S. I'm commenting here because the verification for the hotel post is not working.
I LOOOOVE THESE shoes! Amazing pic girl!
Anonymous said…
Awwww Loving the Shoes ;)
sugar lolita said…
نايس أنا مخططة اخذ الجنطة اللي مثله بس لون رمادي فاتح
Anonymous said…
loooooooooooooool ur funny sis :p
Bint ilKuwait said…
Niiiiice mashallaaaah etga63eena bil3afyaa ;**
Anonymous said…
im in loveeee with your baaag,where did u get it from?

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