Fa Gallery

Checking out Fa Gallery

فا غاليري يم مستشفى الأميري على طول
Fa Gallery is next to Amiri Hospital in Sharq

 معرض بالدور الأرضي ، للوحات و قطع أثاث
It has a gallery in the first floor

و هدوم في الدور الثاني clothes in the second floor - men and women

بضبط نفس الجنطة إللي أبيها للسهره ، بس هذي نتفه ما تكفي شي

This is the evening bag I was looking for, but its too tiny

Tel: 00965 2249 8999
click here for their website 


Anonymous said…
Do they have a cafe in or no???
Me Blogging said…
no they don't
I didn't see one
I was looking for one
والله روعه ، يعطيج العافيه
Anonymous said…
حلاته يسون كافيه . موقعهم حلو
Anonymous said…
Thats one of the goodies ;)
Anonymous said…
the coffee shop will be open very soon.

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