Do it yourself booties

مستوحى من بووت أليكساندر وانغ

Inspired by Alexander Wang boots

بووتي من زارا ، مال السنه إللي طافت

My Zara boots from last year

لون أصفر زيتي + فرشه
الفرشه ما تركب ، بس مالي خلق أدور وحده زينه ، أبي أشوف النتيجة بسرعه

Yellow Oil Paint + Brush
Didn't find a suitable brush, can't wait to look for one, want to see result fast

أنا عاجبني

what do you think? 
Me Like

إذا مليت من اللون أقدر بأي وقت أغيره ، يمكن أسوي أزرق

If I'm bored with this color, I could always change it to something else, Blue maybe


Anonymous said…
Eyanen!!!!! Al7la min alexander wang
Anonymous said…
hello dear meblogging :)

this is noora from bahrain.. i'm great fan of your blog and love every detail about it kilshay feeh eewanis mashalla :D

i've read in your recent posts ench ray7a al7aj :D
3asa Allah ysahel wetqabel ya rab mina w minkum ..

i have a tiny request plzz .. ana ray7a al7aj inshalla..

and would love if you can share a list of to-do and what to buy for 7aj and what to pack? this will be a great help :D

cause i love how you pay attention to minor details belthat during travellin and i understand if you cant or dont have the time :D

all the best sweety o taqabal Allah o yaser omoorkum :D

Anonymous said…
shouldnt u fade the yellow in abit more??
Anonymous said…
Unknown said…
حلوة الفكرة
Anonymous said…
Ummm I think it would look better if you faded it in like someone else said. I would use some sandpaper and gently rough it up.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
hahahahaaay this is ur first trial so it's ok! if u think it looks great then 5ala9 wear it but since u asked what we think then sorry i have to say it really doesn't look good :) trust me trial 2,3 ,4 will look much better u gotta try more.
the yellow is very thick and bright u should use a different color in a different technique
sara said…
chena lo etsawena darker shwaya
3ala orange e9er a7la
sugar lolita said…
mmm ana agool low can al yellow less ykoon a7san 3shan y9er vintage
bs nice idea
حلوه الفكره ، بس اتوقع ألوان الاكريليك أفضل

سؤااال حيرني : جم مقاس البوت ؟
Anonymous said…
ma3laich min a7ad aham shay ena 3ajbch ;) ! atleast fakrtay bshay a7san min malyoun ghairch ahaneech b9ar7a !=D
Me Blogging said…
Hi noora from Bahrain:
ohh yemiin ashofich :) madre shlon :p
walla wedi asawe a list, but i really didn't pack much, and totally didn't care about the detail, becuae ray7een ma3a el 7amla fa they take care of lot of things, even they have provided us with the list, want me to post their list? :)

thanx for all of you who commented

some of you thought i should use a different technique, and I think they are right, but I really don;t know how

people who said I should darken the color, that could be nice too, but for now, i like it bright, i might add brownish color on it in the future

I have tried fading it, but it didn't work

om esa3af , magas el boot 38 :) why?
Anonymous said…
mebloggggiinggg you replied yay :D

9ara7a i didn't expect a reply lana ma bega shay 3ala ilro7a fa i assumed ina you wont be bothered checking the comments but yayy

yeah i heard 7amalat alkuwait provide a lot my aunts went 7aj a couple of yrs ago thru kuwait..mashallah emd7ona and said they're very organized :)

well our 7amla is trying its best too mesakeen bas all they focus on is hygienic stuff like santizers and unscented creams and soaps thats mostly it.. besides 6ab3an the kutaibat w ad3ya booklets :)

lakin ana mub 3arfa mathlan how many 3abaya i should take pjs or tracksuits .. some say its too hot madry wallah i'm getting mixed feelings 5ayfa w nafs alwagt excited lol..

anyway sweetie your reply was more than enough and i do hope i see you :D would send you my details but don't know your email..

oh and about your 7amla's list yemkin etfeedny so sure would love it if you shared :D

thank youuuuu again you're a sweetheart :D

taqabal Allah mina w minkum
sara said…
La la kelsh mo 7elooow chna shoes 9ba3` !!! sorry bs 9j big NO NO , try add some white to the yellow and mix them together before you apply it,and try different kind of brush small with real hair .

Good Luck .
Me Blogging said…
sara: hehehehe ee walla sabagh
bes 7ilo el sabagh , ana abe aseer sabagh
ohhh ee the brush kharbo6a :)
will do enshllah bes ba3dain

and Noora from Bhrain
email me on
and yah I know what you mean about the 3abaya and PJ, I took 5 3abays and i don;t know 101 PJ and T-Shirts
they even told us to bring a dara3a with us for Eid, So i got one with high heels shoe with strass :p don't know if im going to waer it or not

see ya dear
Anonymous said…
hey i have some thing for u, i think u should scrap it with some kind of acidic liquid so it will demolish the browness of the leather and maybe add so color to this acidic material.. i dono what type of liquid u shuold go for but i think any liquid that is indicated not to be used on leather will be good in ur case :) good luck!

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