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Day 2 & 3: Our Hajj Trip

ثاني يوم ما كان في مناسك ، كنا نحضر الدروس الدينية إلي مسوينها الحملة ، و ناطرين اليوم الثالث عشان نروح عرفات

On day 2 we attended religious lectures, and we were waiting for day 3 to come, because this is were we will go to Arafat

اليوم الثالث عطونا ورقة فيها شنو الأشياء إللى لازم ناخذها ويانا لما نروح عرفات ،لأن بنام فيها يوم ، زهبنا الجناط و ننطر الليل عشان نطلع

On the third day they gave us a paper telling us what to bring for Arafatm because we will sleep there

هذوله باصات الحمله نشوفهم من دريشة الفندق

Those are our Buses, we could see them from our hotel room window

حسيت نفسنا جنه في مساباقات ، تيينا مسج و لازم نسوي المكتوب و بأسرع وقت ، ونسأل عن الباصات الثانية منو وصل قبل و منو خلص المناسك قبل

I felt we were like in the Amazing Race TV show, we receive a massage and have to do what's in it and in the quickest time possible . and we always check other buses, who reached first and who didn't make it in time.

هذا فراشي في الخيمة ،قنفه تنقلب قراش ، كل واحد زهب مكانه و نام
  بعدها العصر بنروح المزدلفة
يتبع ... اليوم الرابع قريبا

and here is were I slept in Arafat, a sofa that turns into a bed
on the next day we will be going to Al-Muzdalufa
to be continued in day 4


Anonymous said…
حج مبرور وسعي مشكور
انت حاجه مع حملة المشعر الحرام؟؟؟ مع الدكتور حسن الكندري؟؟؟
حج مبر ور و ذنبا نمغفور و سعي مشكور

حمدالله ع السلامة

حملة الشايع صح ؟؟؟؟
Anonymous said…
taqabal alah 6a3atkom o 7aaj maqbool inshala, 7amdela 3ala il salama :)
Tekana said…
حج مبرور وذنب مغفور ان شالله. وتقبل الله ... اهم شي بحملتكم ستار بكس :)
Confashion said…
taqbal allah 6a3atkum :)
sij el 7amlat el kuwaitiya monathameen, el 7imdilla 3ala el ni3ma elly e7na feeha. Imagine doing all of the manasek without a 7amlah.. allah y3een el nas
mimi said…
perfect ! can't wait to see part 4

by the way dear, when you finish all the parts would you please make a list of the things you regret not doing or bringing for your trip and what were that things you were glad that you did or brought

that would really help. enshala enshala enshala i'll be going next year and i'm worried mn al7en lol
s said…
mashallah shakelha khosh 7amla elshaye3 GmbH

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