Victoria Secret

Victoria's Secret at Marina Mall in front of River Island
but why it says (cosmetics - accessories and gifts)??? no cloths?


Reema said…
I think because Victoria Secret sells cloths through their site only :)
Bint ilKuwait said…
Eeeee bes ibtalshna chithii lazim engees!! nabii engeeees!! ilclothes ma ebayen ela bil libs! ana ma 3umri 6ilabt minhum online cuz ma a7eb ajazif
Amal Kh said…
ana ma sheft their clothes but hope they put them :)
Marwa said…
ee ohma fe USA ma 3ndhum clothes 6al3at bil shop itself ela on the website only !

at the shop they have only Pj's,robes and underwear with some perfumes and makeup.

But, Does that means they won't have underwear and Pj's too in Kuwait?

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