Turn your Bracelet into a Necklace

  مودت النيون راحت  و ما قمت ألبس هذا السوار ، بس وايد عاجبتني خريطة الكويت اللي ودي ألبسه أكثر، فقلت أسوي سلسله أحسن

Neon color is out, so I stopped wearing this bracelet
but I love this little Kuwait map that I want to wear it more often so I decided to turn it into a necklace

البنيه اللي بالصوره بنت خالتي - زي

Girl in picture - couzin Z


Anonymous said…
I love it.. but where did u get the bracelet?
Me Blogging said…
From proud to be Kuwaiti expo
Anonymous said…
try adding ur logo on pics 3ashan ma yenbagon :)
Kaifan5 said…
it look very nice ...
Me Blogging said…
khal yenbagon :) ana ma a7eb elogo a7es ykhareb jamal el 9oora, ella el water mark madre shisamona.
bes thanx for the comment

thank you
Reema said…
You've done some creative work girl .. good job. I like how it turned out.
style Muse said…
beautiful a7la men el fkra el a9leeeya b3d :)
Unknown said…
from where she get it ??
i like it :)
Me Blogging said…
:) its my bracelet actually
I bought it from an Expo (proud to be Kuwaiti)

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