Nuqat - part 2

إشترك عبدالله العوضي مع ساره بيضون - مؤسسة و مصصمة
لخلق مجموعه إستثنائية مستوحى من هذا العرض
هذا إللي مكتوب بالدفتر ، بس ماني فاهمه أي عرض؟
و انا ما شفت جناط من أساس هناك، متحسفه إني ما سألت عنه وقت ما كنت في نقاط
تصاميمه خيال ، لو سمحتوا إللي يعرف شلون اوصله قولولي

"Abdullah Al-Awadhi was united by Sara Baydon, designer and founder of Sara's bag
to produce an exclusive collection inspired by this show"
what you just read was written in Abdulla's brochure, but what show are they talking about?
I didn't see any bags at Nuqat exhibition
I feel so bad for not looking for Abdullah at the time I was there, I thought I will find his contact info in the brochure
Please, if anyone knows how to reach him, tell me

pictures taken from Abdulla's brochure


النوري said…
omg omg omg i want the black and white tiger bag amaaazing
Anonymous said…

My friend went to his exhibition it was in Dar al Athar I think..

I actually know how to contact him if you want:)
Me Blogging said…
In Dar Al-Athar or Al-Fenon?

ohhhh yess dooo contact him, and please send me his contact number

do you know the price range of his Art work?
Anonymous said…

I contacted his assistant and she said there
are still a few available at tilal gallery ib tilal. You can get them there!

No actually I don't know the price range:/

hope that was helpful;)

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