ما تصدقون من وين شارين هذوله السلاسل؟
سنتر بوينت - الشويخ
الواحد بـ 2.500 دينار تقريبا ، أنا لابسه أثنين
يشيه خاتم  
بالصوره تحت

you won't believe where we got these necklaces from
Center Point - Shwaikh
I'm wearing 2 necklaces, KD 2.500 each approximately 
They look like Lucy Hutching ring (picture below)


يطلع منه سنتر بويند :)
lameta said…
ايي اشكثر اللقى اكسسوارات لوئطه وسكارفات وهيك اشياء واسعار حدها واو :)
sara said…
woow wayed 3ajabne
Anonymous said…
would u mind telling us from where id the jeweled,stoned necklace? its very beautiful! the one with the rice picture ;)
Anonymous said…
opss the comment was for the friday gathering :)
muneera said…
amazing... i love your friday yam3a... always wayyid elegant... intai wayyid elegant and know exactly what to publish... Barak Allah feech and your family

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