My New Fragrance: Wonderwood

رفيجتي تقول ريحتها جنه فلفل
شخص ثاني يقول جنها رجالي
و أختي تقول جنها اوتييل
أنا أعتقد إنها تكمل مجموعة الكولنيات اللي عندي - بهارات و خشب
شوفوا شلون حاطينها داخل العلبه

My friend says it smells like pepper
Another says it smells like men perfumes
My sis thinks it smells like a hotel
I think it completes my collections of spicy woody fragrances
Look how it was packed...


f7ee7eely said…
This particular perfume from comme de garcon is a sheer copy and paste if you will --- there are a ton of fragrances out there that bare similar notes to this one -- nothing so awe striking about this fragrance and yes its tipping over the masculine side rather than the feminine side and its definitly not a summery fragrance --- I would love to share few suggestions with you if you are so into woody notes...

truly yours,

sleepless in f7ee7eel
Me Blogging said…
you are right it has nothing special about this fragrance, but I bought it so I don't finish up my Serge Luten bottles

and yes do share with me your suggestions
What a very interested perfume it sounds that there is no particular scent on this its exactly my hubby looking for.


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