My first baby photography

اليوم رفيجتي بتيي بيتنا مع بناتها الثنتين عشان تصورهم بستديوي المتواضع (فلاشين في دار) . أنا وله مره صورت يهال فراح تكون تجربة يديده بالنسبة لي . أشوه إهيا مفكره بلقطات بتاخذها حق بنتها الصغيره  ، هذا أحسن شي . يالله خنشوف شصير اليوم ، أقولكم عن النتايج بعدين

في الصوره فوق: دزيت القنفه مكان ما انا أصور ، أتوقع تحتاجها حق بنتها تتسند عليها ،صح؟  توها بيبي ما تمشي 

Today my friend is going to bring her 2 little girls to our house so I can take pictures of them in my humble studio (2 flashes in a room) . I have never taken pictures of babies before, so its going to be a new experience for me. Thank god she has some ideas of  how to shoot her baby girl. Let see what happens, will tell you about the results later on.

In picture: I moved the sofa to my shooting area, I'm guessing the baby needs support, right? she's a new born


Yours Truly said…
I always loved the pictures you take and always wanted to ask you what's the secret. Now I know ;) I have a very tiny portable studio with 2 tiny flash lights. It does the job perfectly for taking pics of small items :)
RoOra said…
Try this Shoot will be nice i think ;p
lameta said…
im sure it will be great
cant wait :)
Amal Kh said…
ee 8anafa good bas la t6e7 men jdam 5leha ttsnad le wara of coruse :P
i can't wait
good luck
lorra said…
wow good luck finally ur heading to photography
im sure u will do well
Anonymous said…
hiii ,,, bs 7baait agoolk ena ur blogs mara twnnnsss w 7lweeeen ,, ana elyoum bs elle ektshft ur blog w graita kelllaaaaa mn kthr ma shdny :) good luckkk w estmry we are waiting :D
lameta said…
still waiting :)
mtshwgeeeeeeeen :P
Me Blogging said…
yours Truly:
great, where did you get them from?

shway grab min hathola

wee 3ad I can't show you her face only hands and feet :)

Amal Kh:
heheh ekhet-ha el kbeera ele namat 3ala el ganaf, kanat kila bel arth el tasweer

Only photographing friends and family :)

:) mashkoora
o enshallah agdar astemer ma3akom

:) oohhh then I need to post more pix, but can't show her face
Yours Truly said…
Got it from amazon :)

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