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براويكم الأشياء اللي عجبتني في المحل
Will show you my favorite pieces in the store

Jeans: KD 85

 تره هذي خنفسانه على الجاكيت ، أختي تشوفها ديايه - الديايه اللي تدور بالمكينة بعد ، مو أي ديايه
This is a beetle, so in this season, my sister sees a chicken

شرينا هذا الخاتم النتفه
We got tiny wings ring

تقريبا 80 دينار
approximately KD 80

وايد حبيت هذا الجينز - رجالي
Loved this jeans - for men

هذا اللي كنت أبي ، بس ليما ألحين ما وصل المحل، بشوف شلون بيطلع باللبس
and now this is what I was looking for, will be available soon at the store, would love to give it a try

الصور مصورتهم من مجلتهم
pictures taken from their newsletter

قابلت وايد ناس بالمحل و إستانست بالتعرف عليهم
و صوروني بلوق
highstreet Kuwait
شوفوا صورتي آخر وحده لابسه وردي - إضغط هنا

Met lots of lovely people at the event and got photographed by Highstreet Kuwait blog :)
check out my picture, I'm the last one in pink Link


Hope said…
Omg those little skulls r so cute
Anonymous said…
MASHALLAH - tasweeeritch 3ajeeb
Me Blogging said…
Hope: off 7adhoom cute

thank you
style Muse said…
the Z & V red skull boots is WOW!!!
myself said…
mashallah thogech 3ajeeb i really like your sense of fashion .. good luck
Anonymous said…
mashala thoqeech (Y)
o elwing ring 7aada yshaweeq wayeed ashof 3al banat nafsa loose chain ring chethi they are so in
Anonymous said…
"its not what you use but rather how you use it" tasweeritch mashallah 3ajeeb, its obvious that you see things different and have a very creative vision.

Unknown said…
I'm loving the booooooooots!
any idea how much wud it cost? or when it's gonna be out?

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