Losing Ahmad

عبدالله بوشهري مخرج فلم (فقدان أحمد) فلم وثائقي كويتي

Abdullah Boushehri Director of the documentary film (Losing Ahmad)

الفلم إنعرض في جامعة الخليج في مشرف - مهرجان نقاط

The film was screened in GUST university in Mishref - Nuqat event

الفلم ما راح ينعرض في دور السينما لأن مو تجاري
بس يمكن يوم من الأيام احد منكم راح يشوفه فما أبي أخرب القصه عليكم
كل إللي أقدر أقوله إني إنصدمت ، ما توقعت بعض الأحداث في الفلم
و أحلى شي لما خلص الفلم و قعدنا نسأل المخرج عبدالله
طول حياتي كنت اتمنى يكون المخرج موجود عشان يجاوبني على إستفساراتي و يفهمني إللي ما فهمته
عبدالله بوشهري وايد كان طبيعي
أتمنى له التوفيق في كل أعماله المستقبليه
والله شوقتني أرد أصور فيديو ، مع إني مو مصوره بس حلو الواحد يوثق كل شي في حياته

The film will not be shown in cinemas because its not a commercial one
but maybe some day one of you will see it, so I don't want to ruin it for you
all I can say that I was shocked by some of the events, totally not expected
and what I loved most, was when the director answering the audience questions after the film was over
I have always wished to meet the director when to ask him about what I saw in his movie and what I didn't understand
Abdulla Boushehri was so down to earth
 wish him all the luck in his future work

Al-Saffar next to Abdullah, Loved him in the documentary, he is a man with character


Anonymous said…
Hi Me Blogging...

can we still watch Losing Ahmad at Gust...?

Can you please tell us more details if still available?

Thanks :*
Anonymous said…
out of the subject question ;)
ya3ni ba3ad ethnich, I have noticed a tennis bracelet that u wear a lot bas 7abait a3aref is it real diamond well bas exseswar wetha real taghreban eb chum coz ib kha6ri wa7ed o many 3arafa a7e6li budget
Me Blogging said…
Anonymous 1: No I don't think so, and I don't know if it will be shown again in Kuwait.

Anonymous 2:
yes it is real diamond
and its between KD 1500 - 2000 its from India, gift from mum
ana athen ehwa aghla min chethe bes lea'na min India, 6ali3 arkhas, it could reach 5000 or 6000 i think
Unknown said…
وناسة حسافة طافني

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