The Hip French Manicure

In picture: My sister


mimi said…
My french lookes like yours before, i never got the lines straight but now i use tape and stick them on my nails and run the brush on top of them to make the lines more straight :)

thought that tip might help, love the colors though
newly_wed said…
the YSL mani as well is interesting to try. love ur pictures and posts... but no detail part is so UNFAIR!! bas bnebla3ha shensawi :)
Me Blogging said…
I thought they look good
I made this for my sis
but anyways thanx mimi

newly wed:
whats a YSL mani?
and detail on the hip manicure u mean?
mako detail, its home made;p
newly_wed said…
this is a link pic to the YSL mani.

and the details i meant for the friday gatherings :(
newly_wed said…
Anonymous said…
LA< they are not good, but rather AMAZING - keep it going and coming girls

love ya WAYED

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