Giuseppe Zanotti Leopart Boots

أنا أغرمت ، وايد موريح و حده مودا السنه مع النمر و البووت الرفيع اللي يكون فوق الركب
شفت هذا البووت "جوزبي تزانوتي" في محل "شو بوكس"  بالأفنيوز
بس شكلي كان غبي و انا لابسته ، كلش ما يلوق مع حجاب
أشوه إن مو رخيص عشان ما يضيق خلقي إني ما أقدر ألبسه
سعره : 480 ديناركويتي - دينار ينطح دينار - حلوه هذي لو اترجمها إنجليزي 
one KD kicks the other
KD  kicks KD
المهم مو هذا موضوعنا ، يقول البياع نباعوا بسرعه و اليوم فرعهم الثاني اللي بالـ 360 داقين علي يقولون له ييب كل اللي عندك لأن اللي عندهم خلصوا

I fell in LOVE, so comfortable and so in for this season's leopard trend and above the knee boots
I saw these Giuseppe Zanotti boots at Shoes Box store at the avenues
But I look stupid in them specially with Hijab
Thank god they are not cheap so I won't feel bad not being able to wear them
Price tag: KD 480
and the salesman says they sold out quickly, 360 mall are requesting for these to be delivered to them by tomorrow, because the ones they have are sold out

مع السلامه يا بوتي ، و تشرفت بمعرفتك
Bye Bye booties, it was nice meeting you


lameta said…
ana 7byt hal bootat mn last year bs eshloooooon m3 el7jab
u must find us a way plz
i love eshlon trakben el ashya2 im sure u ll find us a way :)
Me Blogging said…
walahee el 7al ele ana fe bali

ena ma nalbes prints

and dark colors are the only way

I have tried the black one it looks good bes ma kan moree7

fa the search is still on
Anonymous said…
looooool aham shay ena dinar yen6a7 dinar :p
i didn't like the print it's scale is big it looks very funny with or without 7jab
lameta said…
wat did u wear them with??
tell us :) or ela7san show us :P
thanks :*
I love Zanotti bs I'm not catching on the animal print trend .. U have to look like Serena to pull it off or else it looks tacky .. Madri laish :/
Wrapping Mania said…
Ahm shy KD kicks KD :p
style Muse said…
I think you Can wear them Me blogging with 7ejab, by making ur outift around the boots, with Military parka coat or just a trench black coat still nice :)

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