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Friday Gathering


Hijabs and Co said…
I love the louboutin shoes
Me Blogging said…
Which ones? you mean the nude colors?
actually they are Zara shoes
Anonymous said…
i really love ur Friday gathering posts :D .. and that yellow/blue prints dress is really nice
Anonymous said…
From where the yellow and blue dress?
Anonymous said…
mashallah 3laikom so elegant :)

from where the flower print cardigan?

Me Blogging said…
Sorry guys I promised my family no if they agree to shoot them
Anonymous said…
but plz if you can give the details of the look, I mean from where do they buy them it would be awesome
guys your thoq is very classy
sara said…
woow mashalla i like all the looks o especially the yellow dress
Sn3a said…
ma sha Allah
i always trying to comment bs el word verification msawely mshkela eb both my laptop and iphone

bs i realy enjoy these posts it's just like watching a kuwaiti version of Sex and the City fashion

keep them going
q8sweetface said…
ya 7ilokom mashallah wallah am waiting 4 ur friday gathering .. mashallah allah la yafregkom inshallah ... ma ye9er neye ... lool ( just kidding )
Anonymous said…
el friday gathering malkom 7ada elegant .. mashalla 3aleekom teshwgoon hatha fashion show ...keep it up
Anonymous said…

L said…
Ma sarle fatra men 3raft ur blog,,,bas admant 3aleeh and waiting for Friday gathering pics mashalah very nice :)
Me Blogging said…
As I told you, can't give you the detail because I promised my family that I won't give away detail if they agree to take pictures

Flashelegent: since I'm the one who is wearing the belts, then I can tell you from where, I'm wearing 2 belts, on top (Zara belt that came with the pants I bought) and the second one (is Marni came also with a blouse we purchased)

and the yellow dress girls, is an old dress from mum, 4 seasons back
sugar lolita said…
wanasah i really love your fridays :)
and the yellow dress i have the same :))))))) it is d..........n
i got it from outlet in london
many qaylah 3shanech ;)
Me Blogging said…
7illlllwa Lolita

yalla mosabaga... mino ya3aref what I'm wearing, sahalatlikom Lolita el esem
Anonymous said…
please, please - shino hatha el nail polish? lavnder in med tone?
Anonymous said…
Nail polish lapis of luxury from essay
Hehe I loved the yellow dress but I'm not gonna ask u where Its from cuz I have a similar dress with same sleeve detail so 3araft :p
Unknown said…
you r wearing dries van noten, My mom have the same
Om Mimi said…
Dries van noten or DVF ??? by the way . what is ur watch ??
The Stig said…
I know nothing about fashion and I don’t care. But I like your way of taking pictures..

And it is nice to offer models with hejab.. 
Anonymous said…
e9ra7a ana mn zman mtab3a blogech 7beet your look and style .. o a7la shay your friday gathering .. aby atwa9l m3ach eshlon? magdart adz email.. (alcadi)
Me Blogging said…
ma a3aref shino el nail polish walla

even Sweeter: chakaitene ;p

Om Mimi
No, not DVF
and my watch? you guess

The Stig:
Ohhh thank you

thank you
you could send me an email on
D said…
yellow/blue dress is 3-4 years old dries van newton collection.
I have matching prints in pants.
Anonymous said…
حبيبتي ممكن اعرف الاسوار اللي لابسة من وين?!

Noura albader GmbH

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