Friday Gathering

Lunch Time...


Nahla said…
mashallah ya meblogging, 6areeqat el tasweer momtaaaaza ;) the angles, the backgrounds...
lameta said…
i loooove the fraidy gathering post
mashala love it :)
Anonymous said…
I truly LOVE these posts so genuine and inspiring ;D

Keep it going plz ;)
Glitter said…
Ok bs sar lazem agool,

I'm a silent reader and i:ve been following you mn ziman. I ENJOY your posts; fun, short, informative, with vivid colors and beautiful pictures.


I <3 zwarat elyem3a posts,
and today I totally looved the pic where the cat is looking from across the window - GENIUS :)

intay kidah *thumbs up*
Anonymous said…
may i ask for the=
-MRS t-shirt is moschino ?
its such a classic t-shirt but very elegant -Malboos el 3afyia
loved all the pic<3

dana said…
luv luv luv luv friday gathering posts !
i found the "Mrs." Tee at net-aporter

ayhi intay :p ? ily awal shay ? luv the outfit
sara said…
my fav. post is friday gathering post , mashallah 3alaikom nazkeeen wayeed , ya3ne e7na ma nekshakh 7ag el yam3a ;p
Anonymous said…
love your friday gathering posts
but we need to know "who wearing what?" info please :)
baby phat85 said…
السلام عليكم
مرحبا انا من متابعين البلوق وماشاءالله ذويقه بكل شي
وستايلج وااااااااااااايد عجبني وتقاريرج حلوة ومميزة :)
Me Blogging said…
thank you all
and I'm sorry I can't say who is wearing what because I have promised my family that I won't. because they agreed to shoot them without the detail
Anonymous said…
9ara7a wayed thoooq mashallah
bs baaref ur grey shoes elle men ta7at a7mar men wain :**
Me Blogging said…
Anonymous about grey shoes
I don't know from where, have no detail info
Anonymous said…
weeee 7safa :(
but don't worry even without details your posts are the most inspiring ever.also the lack of details keeps us busy searching till the next Fraiday gathering post :)

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