Friday Gathering

B wearing H Williams Shoes

E is wearing Shaikha's Daraa' (I think)

Necklace from Singapore

and Marc by Marc Jacobs Shoes

Aunti in Hamsa's Daraa' and Giuseppe Zanotti sandals

Cousin N in Topshop dress, Ted Baker Cardigan and Jeffrey Campbell shoes



newly_wed said…
mashallah ur family is super elegant. love ur gathering posts. keep them rolling.
النوري said…
eee mashalla very elegent u keep them on their toes loool lazem kilman eyee kash5
e7na yam3atna 7adna na5th ra7tna :P mu chethy nksha5
Anonymous said…
keep 'em coming.....I really <3 those friday's gathering posts
Anonymous said…
from where is ur armour ring plzz?
u didnt mintion that!;p
Anonymous said…
li sweet yishawig ! mino wain ? their # plzzz
Me Blogging said…
the sweet number
Unknown said…
the last shoe is amaaaaazing !!!
Nafnoof said…
Really loved ur cousin's H Williams shoes mashallah! Immediately fell in love! Can u help me find them? I checked wth saks fifth avenue and thy were out of stock! W love ur posts mashallah ,, best of luck and keep it up :))

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