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Friday Gathering

Rings Rings....

Cousin Z wearing BCBG rings

Cousin D, Alexander McQueen Ring

E, Don't know from where

The ones I ordered from UK, check out my previous post

My sister, both rings from Lebanon, the one with the 3 crystals is available in Kuwait, saw it in Designer's Lounge the other day


النوري said…
loved the idea soooooo much way to go grl and ur ring wings thats the new it now :P
zuz said…
gorgeous rings!
DoDoq8 said…
Love Cousin Z rings,thanks and i love the shots ;)
Loved them .. Keep the fashion posts coming !
Hend said…
WoooooooooooooooooooooooW mashalla nice rings :D
Me Blogging said…
Thank you all for your comments
and will try to keep the fashion posts coming
Fastidious Babe said…
loving the bcbg skulls!

i have the mcqueen one and the 3 crystals ur sister had on XD got it last year from dubai!

great ring posts xoxo
Anonymous said…
Check out

the blog is fully dedicated to jewelry and jewelry designers...
Unknown said…
fabulous rings!
Anonymous said…
Mashala mashala 7lwiin el rings can i know Cousin Z bracelet from where? Thanks
Bint ilKuwait said…
Allaaah 3ijabnii il Wingeeees!!
Me Blogging said…
Fastidious Babe:
thanx :)

Anonymous: thanx for the link, it cool blog

Anonymous 2:
Cousin Z bracelet is from TopShop

Mine is from UK but you might find it at Topshop, my cousins told me they saw a similar one there
Anonymous said…
i loooove them all mashalah! Random question..where did your cousin get her bright pink iphone case from? :p 7iloo mashalah!
d said…
i had the same exact wings ring i got it from london and it broke :( .. i love the alexnader mcqueen skulls rings! they are gorgoues
Anonymous said…
nice idea o great pix.. mashalla 3alekum very stylish :)
Anonymous said…
شنو ماركة الساعه بالصورة الثانيه
والاخيرة ,بليز ؟
Me Blogging said…
ohhh shakilhoom esewar wayed 3jebokom
you want more? more of the Friday gathering?

and the girls who asked about the watch it is a Cartier
Anonymous said…
وين صاير ديزاينر لونج اللي اختج ماخذه منه الخاتم بو ثلاث كريستالات ؟؟ وجم حقه ؟؟

وووكثري من هالبوستات السنعه GmbH

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