Friday Gathering : The pattern post


Anonymous said…
min enti f swar?
Anonymous said…
menwayn hdoomk? tshawgon
lorra said…
I love the Friday gatharing photo it's something
now to look for such a chic familly mashallah
I love the blue brown blouze with bel
so I hope u can tell us from where is it
and more pic plz
newly_wed said…
no details ?? come one!!!! we want details.. we want details (protest shout hehe)
Me Blogging said…
I'm sorry guys but my family agreed on taking pictures without details they thought that it was too much

fa just enjoy the pictures and get inspired, if we can inspire you :)
nour said…
i like your friday thing
Anonymous said…
mashalla all pix are great i love the shoes but wouldn't dare to wear them :)
great pix o very wise decision not to tell the details anyways some items are obvious what designer they are :) kilkum thouq mashalla
Anonymous said…
Love the idea of these posts

and I do get inspired a lot

they all look Great Mashallah
Anonymous said…
I love ur friday gathering post theyre so wonderful!!!;p Kil friday i look forward 7ag ur post!!!
Anonymous said…
loving the blog!
may you please help me find the perfect side/shoulder/cross bag 7ag ilsufar ?
im traveling next week o 3eyazt adawur bs cant find.
pleeaasssee etha re7tay shopping anytime this week o legaitay just snap a pic hehe coz i know i'll love your taste

-the bag search
Me Blogging said…
Bag Search:
OK :)
but what is the price range?
Anonymous said…
no price range :)

- the bag search
Me Blogging said…

Im thinking mulberry, hatha awal shay fe bali

what do you think?
Anonymous said…
wain mukanhum ?
3ad it9adgeen i never tried their bags ,, are they good ?

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