Folded Leather

وايد كنت فخوره في نفسي إني طحت على جنطه من
نسخة من جنطة ثانية شفتها قبلها بيوم في بلوق  
سيده خذيتها بدون تفكير ، لانها بعد قريبه من ستايل (سيلين) اللي تكون ساده و صغيرونه ما تكفي شي
قلت انا ماني شاريه سيلين وايد كلاسك علي  ، هذي تفي بالغرض - سعرها 55 دينار

I was so proud of myself when I found a bag at Uterque that looks exactly the same as another one I saw on Jak& Jil Blog. I Also think it looks like Celine new Fall/Winter bag, and since I'm not going to buy it (too classic for me) I took Uterque bag right away. Price tag - KD 55.

هذي جنطة سيلين
This is Celine's Bag

وهذي جنطتي اليديده
and this is my new Uterque bag

وهذي الجنطة إللي شفتها بالبلوق
 كلش مالها علاقه !!!!!! شنو هذا !!!!  بس الجفسه إللي يبتها صح الباجي غيييير، بعد جفست جنطتي مو صجية
واااي لأ ، نفس لما الواحد يشوف المجرم و يوصفه للشرطة و يطلع كله غلط 
وااااااااا فشلتااااااااااه  ، عبالي جنطتي نفسها بالضبط 
المهم جنطتي حلوه

and this is the bag that I saw on Jak&Jil bog
Totally different!!!!!!! it looks nothing like mine @@ the only thing that I got right is the folded leather, and mine is not even real
uhhhh its like describing a criminal to the police and you get it all wrong
I thought I saw the exact same bag at Uterque
anyways my bag looks cute

Picture above was taken from Jak & Jil Blog
Celine source


DoDoq8 said…
حلوين جناطهم والحلو فيهم كل شوي ينزلون كولكشنات يدد قبل فتره رفيجتي خذت وحده مشابه لها بس كان داش معاها اللون البني
Om mimi said…
i love ur necklace ! and bangle ! is it fr uterque as well !??
newly_wed said…
uterque's every piece is to-grab at once mashallah.. i thought u would go to the oversized clutch one, i'm thinking of buying it for 3eed.. but dont u get the feeling uterque is always brownish/camel-ish ?
Anonymous said…
love your cuff min wain!!
Anonymous said…
Ur bag looks better than the one in the blog ;)

could u tell me where is their boutique here in Kuwait?
Anonymous said…
maraa 7lwa elshn6a :) plllllzzz we need more fashion blog ;) a7b thougkummm kuwaity girls <3
Me Blogging said…

ee Uterque eyanen, kin ma dakhalt 3endehom lazim sharya shay

Om mimi:
the necklace from maxmara and yes the cuff is from them , but from the summer collection, don;t know if they still have it

newly wed:
yes they are, ya3ni kashookha, malot kbar
You know it is one of Zara's stores? Its the elegent brand
with lots and lots of accessories

Uterque is at the avenues, infront of Carfour

:) entay min wain?
Anonymous said…
i'm from saudi :D w daaym aje el kuwait a7b soogkum w stylekum <3 7ta elm7lat el3adeya elle mwjoda fe kl el3alm zy H&m , topshop , zara.... 3ndkum woooow w collection 5yaal mshalla :D i lovvvvve kuwait
Confashion said…
I have the same bag too! but unfortunately, I don't get to wear it as much because I always overstuff my handbags :\
Anonymous said…
affa ma tabeen et3almeen :(
you broke my heart sij!!
Anonymous said…
weee 6ala3tai em3alma...sorry :)
sugar lolita said…
احب شغلهم حتى الجواتي عندهم رووعة
و قميصج عندي مثله بس اننا ابيض :) من هوس انتروبيا صح :)))
Me Blogging said…
Ya hallah wallah ib ahal el suodiya

Me too :/
I bring my whole room with me

Sugar Lolita:
mashallah 3alaich :) ee min Hoss :)
coffeeateight said…
I love Celine bags! if you are interested check my post about it :)

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