Canvas Project

أمي كانت رايحة بيكار و عجبتها لوحه شافتها هناك أو ودها تسوي شي يشبها حق حمام الضيوف عندنا بالبيت، قعدت توصفها لي و انا على وصفها طلعت بالهنتيجة

Mum saw a canvas at  Beccare that she loved so much and want to create something similar for our guest bathroom, she described it for me and  I interpreted what she said into this ....

وايد عجبتني النتيجة ، خذيت الصوره الأصلية من الإنترنت  مسحت الخلفية ، بعدين لونتها أخضر . عقب هذاإستخدمت سايت إسمه بي فنكي عشان اعدل على الصوره ، و بس

راح أسوي نفس الشي بس على صور انا مصورتهم ، قبلها عاد لازم اروح بيكار عشان أشوف اللوحه اللي عجبت أمي ، بعدين أصور الأشياء اللي أمي بتختارهم حق اللوحات

loved the result, I took the original picture (online) erased some of the background then colored it green. uploaded the picture into Befuncky web site and applied a photo effect to it and that's it.

Will do the same but with my own photographs, but first I have to visit Beccare to see what mum is talking about and then photograph the objects she will chose for her canvases.


Anonymous said…
Im in love with beccares things. From canvass to furniture to wedding arrangements. Mashalla excellent work , you should give them a visit :) you'll love it

Anonymous said…
i really love don't you think the finjan cup is not a good match for guest restroom !!

I really and truly love you blog..and yes you are an inspiration for me ..keep going..keep posting ;)
النوري said…
finjan for a bathroom me ?? really ?? chinna la?

bas the photo looks amazing does it have to have the be funky logo on the pic???
Me Blogging said…
Anonymous 1:
Yah I've been there before, eyanen

Anonymous 2:
Thank you dear
but the finjan is just to try out what mum was talking about
ga3deen nsawe tajarob
I don't know what we will choose for the bathroom

Ana ethaher mo katba el post 3adel :)
akeed finjan is not for a bathroom

and the logo is there, because it is free, bes mo moshkila, if the picture is large I could crop it said…
I would love to see the final result hanged on the wall
plzzz post a picture
Anonymous said…
for print on canvas check this out

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