BE Design Necklaces

Our friend BE is back with new necklaces of her creation 
if you are interested contact her on: and order your necklace now

Price of Big Black Necklace is KD 40

Price of Multi Color Crystals Necklace  KD 25

Price of The Pearl Necklace KD 28

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for questions and orders send SMS to: 00 965 97974179


DoDoq8 said…
wayed 7lwo mashalah 59o9an the first one
Marwa said…
second one 7elow.. faray7y wayed :)

allah yewafigha ya rab ..nice business.. something different than cupcakes and clothes :D :)

Thumps up ;)
Hope said…
MaShallah!! very classy especially the last one
elizabeth said…
whatever job you have, I WANT IT.
Unknown said…
روعه اللولو قلتي شلون اقدر اطلب و اقدر اغير لون الستراس
Pearl Necklace said…
Very beautiful collection. I really appreciate it. Thanks for the sharing.
pearljewelry said…
nice lovely and gorgeous :)

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