Baby Photo Session


و الله التجربة كانت ممتعه ، بنتها يحليلها كله تضحك ماشاء الله عليها ، بس حسافه بعد ثالث بدله ملت و إستعسرت قامت تبجي ،  فوقفنا تصوير ، قلنا نكمل بعدين ، بس ما قدرنا نامت ، يبيلنا دور ثاني . عاد البنت الكبيره ياتنا نايمه و طلعت نايمه ، كنت حدي مشتطه ، يايبة لها كاميرا صغيره عشان تصورنا و إحنا نصور . يالله إنشاء الله المره اليايه

It was a fun experience, my friend's little girl was smiling all the time, but unfortunately by the third outfit she got tired and started crying, so we stopped shooting, and decided to continue afterward, we couldn't, she slept, we defiantly need another session. The older sister was asleep from the moment she came in our house until they left. poor girl , she didn't get the chance to enjoy the photosession. I was so excited that she is coming, that I brought a little camera for her to take pictures of us while we were shooting. ohh well next time enshallah. 


Anonymous said…
Adri this is irrelevant to post- Although e9oora 7adha etshawig whetehr thats your friends baby or not-
Bs i just had to say ina tara i love your blog! and you're soo adorable!
Anonymous said…
*to THE post ...
mompedia said…
new born are soooo cute to watch
bs tooooo annoying to raise
7anna ;p
7addha e9ora etshawig bs shasawi fi ro7i tawni walda ;p
noora said…
mashallah nice picture, etshwg ... just like anonymous, i wanted to tell you that i love ur blog :) keep up the good work
lameta said…
just love it :)

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