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After The Friday Gathering

أنا ويه بنت خالتي زي قررنا إن نروح الكوت بعد الزوارة ، نمر زارا شوية و بعدها نتعشا في جوني روكت في مجمع المنشر، لما باجي العائلة سمعوا بالخطة قرروا إن إيوون ويانا . اختي يات ، بنت خالتي دي و خالتي

Couzin Z and I decided to go to Al-Kout Mall after the gathering for a quick visit to Zara, then dinner at Johny in Al-Manshar Mall. When the rest of the family heard about our plan they decided to come along. My sis, cousin D and my aunt.

من كثر ما همبورغراتهم لذيذه ، كليت ثنتين من السموكد هاوس برغر

their burgers are so delicious that I ate 2 smoked house burgers

بعدها خالتي كان ودها تشوف حوض السباحه مال فندق روتانا اللي في مجمع المنشر
جنه نقدر نسبح - ما نقدر ،المكان مختلط

then my aunt wanted to check out the pool of Rotana Hotel in Al-Manshar Mall, as if we can swim there

المسبح كان بالسطح (الطابق الـ 16)  فالمنظر من فوق كان عجيب  ، يطلع على الكوت

The pool is in the roof (in the 16th floor) so the view from above was astonishing
 it over looks Al-Kout Mall

يليت اكو مسبح جذي على السطح بس حق البنات

Wish there were pools like these for girls only


Unknown said…
ألمنظر و الجو حده جده روعة حسيت اني سبحت بهالحوض صج ليش ما يخلون يوم للبنات
f7ee7eely said…
I used to work out at that gym frequently and believe it or not I tend to take dips in that pool during winter since the water is heated --- The thought of the pool's outer wall cracking and me plunging into the streets of f7ee7eely to my death still crosses my mind everytime I take a swim there LOL --- ew'ana Agool esh7egga f7ee7eel was glowing radiantly ams -- Anyway, a quick follow up to our recent correspondence pertaining woodsy perfumes -- in terms of most recent I would suggest amouge's newest addition 'Memoir' for women -- I will compile a list for you later on whenever time permits --

Truly yours,

sleepless in f7ee7eel (still)
Amal Kh said…
the viwe is amazing
Girl! TWO BURGERS? REALLY? Where does it all go? What's your secret?


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