طلبت هذول
I ordered these...

بعض الأشياء إلي شايفتها من قبل أسبوع إنباعت للأسف
Some of the items I saw a week ago are sold out now :(

للطلب إضغط هنا
To order click here

First photo: In style Magazine - September issue


style Muse said…
wow soooooo nice!
mashalla how did you find about this brand, I checked the "celeb" section oo I never saw it in prints bes seems getting popular, 3aleesh bel 3afiya
Anonymous said…
The one with the wings is so nice!
Me Blogging said…
Style Muse:
allah y3afeech
min el majala , in style

ee khal neshof shlon belebs ra7 ye6la3
3ndy w7da t8reeban mthlaa bs mn missilfridge nseet esm
This comment has been removed by the author.
Summer said…
i love them!! rings are the new thing!!

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