Preparing for winter

Trying out the socks trend
pairing them with my Marni winter 2008 Shoes
Socks from Zara, price: KD 2.500


Samaa said…
am so ready i have purches socks from J Crew :) the have lovly coulers
May said…
love the sock and shoes together ;)
Alya said…
Love them! I have the same shoes with the tweed material but in a different style.
Me Blogging said…
Samaa: J Crew, yesterday I was trying to place an order it didn't go through :(
will try again

may: thanx

I love these shoes, marni is sooo comfortable
Kathleen... said…
Somehow I (kinda) love all of those looks....rolled pants (DEFINITELY), comfy big-loop socks (gawd, yes) and chunky mod-retro platforms (hey, I'm a girl). Together? Yeah, I can't leave my house....
Anonymous said…
Am I the only one that hated it :/ maybe not so thick socks would be prettier
that's my opinion for sure ;D
Me Blogging said…
heheh yes it doesn't look pretty
but isn't that the whole point of it :p

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