Leopard shoes

My new leopard shoes from Zara
price tag : KD 29.500
Thinking of adding something on top of this little bow

Love the stitching

Get yours before it's too late


DoDoq8 said…

twne shayfta 3la Chiara 7da 3agbne :)

3lech bel3afya
style Muse said…
HI Me blogging :)
I would recommend you keep it as it is then it might steel the beauty of it, just play with the rest of the outfit
Me Blogging said…
ya7lailha Chiara

Style Muse:
la shay sgheer, aswad ba3ad 3ashan 3ala goltich ma ykhareb
adawer shino ehwa eshay o araweekom

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