It's London Babeee

White Cup, a fan of my blog and Confashion from Kuwait blog sent us both pictures of window displays in London, She or He just came back from London and wanted to share those lovely pictures with us. Thanx a ZILLLLLLLLLLIIIIOOOOON. el windows KHAYAAAAAAL.

Lets begin with Selfridges

and now Harrods

and now Harvey Nicholos



جاكليته said…
انا ما اشوف الجواتي حلوة او لا؟؟
بس عجبني طريقه العرض ... تخلي الواحد ينجذب يدهل المحل ويشوف ..
فعلا شطااره منهم .. :)
Kathleen... said…
Who knew there was such a HUGE future in window dressing??
Confashion said…
The window displays of Selfridges and Harvey Nichols are just STUNNING!

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