Hotel de Sers


More pictures from Paris taken by my cousin Z


This time for their hotel


I remember spending hours and days with my aunt searching for a modern hotel within walking distance to Champs Elysees for their summer vacation.


And we found it, Hotel de Sers, they loved it so much in the summer that they booked in it again for their Eid Holiday.


Check it out click here




Anonymous said…
sekant fee this summer il location eyaneen bas il hotel ma 3ejabne kiliiiish
Me Blogging said…
okhhh sij wallah
3ayal ana wayed emda7oli eyah

shino a7la hotel 3indik/3indich?
3ashan a3aref your style
hassina said…
this eid .. i tried hotel SEZZ... unbelievably amazing ..extremely modern boutique hotel and 10 min walk from Champ-Elyses
check it out ...3ajeeb and fannntaaaq
Me Blogging said…
Ohh yah hotel seas is amazing, I saw it online, bes we thought it was in a very quiet area and far away min el center
Me blogging said…
Gasde SEZZ mo seas :/
hassina said…
not at all... 5 minutes walk along the river ..then kisrrai yisarr another walk for 5-8 minutes...annnnd VOILA... :-)
bass riyoog hum yilawwi3 elchabd...
Me Blogging said…
lah , zain walla
3ad ana oboy ma ye7eb hal modail mo el hotels, weda yethba7na lama na7jiz
o 3ala goltich el reyoog kila mo 7ilo.

enshallah lama ensafer safrat banat bes, ma3a omi nero7la

thanx for the info
Queen Rania said…
oh sweet :)

Anonymous said…
Ana wayed a7eb Daniel bas mokana moo wayed 7iloo oo Pershing hall wayed wayed 3ejabne oo Mara sekana eb powers haha moan 3ajeeeb bas dagaa!!
OK U said Cousin Z , my bestie Z who travelled to Paris during Eid so is it her? :P
Me Blogging said…
hmmm :) maybe
cousin Z has 2 sisters and 2 brothers
hathe ehya?
she has 3 sisters and 2 brothers and lives somewhere where it's close to Mishref is it her?

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