Dolce & Gabbana, the kings of leopard print

Meet "Dolce" the New Member of the Family
Yesterday was her first night out since I got her from Lebanon

newly_wed one my readers asked me to spell out my complete look :)
here you go

Dress: Jo No Fui
Pants: Zara
Bracelet on the right: Tufenkjian - Lebanon
Bracelet on the left: from India
Ring: CC sky - got it from Pink moon but here is a link if you are interested
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
and a little bid on my hand: Chanel tattoos


Summer said…
i love the bag!!!!
النوري said…
classic shape and ur right the king of leoapard
Anonymous said…
عليج بالعافيه

مناسبه فصل الخريف

حاطه حنه او تاتو بذراعج

عفوا عالسؤال
Me Blogging said…
allah ya3afeekom and Anonymous, this is a tattoo (chanel tattoo)
Anonymous said…
love your shoes!
lameta said…
i sooo love it n love ur looks
check out jimmy choo leopard prints u ll love it :)
Unknown said…
بالعافية احلى شي التايغر
Anonymous said…
عليج بالعافيه

بس بجم
Amal Kh said…
3leech bel3fya
nice one
Me Blogging said…
Jimmy choo looks great in pictures but in reality, not so nice

400 o shay Kd
newly_wed said…
spell out on ur complete look please.. the bracelets ?

the shoes?
style Muse said…
I loved the idea you are wearing a Jo Nu Fui dress I love this brand :) I wish we can see more of the dress, all in all "shay shay" :)
I hope you had a nice evening
Unknown said…
Tres Chic! perfect for fall
newly_wed said…
the belle of the ball, amazing.
Alya said…
I looooove it! mashallah it's beautiful. A true classic ;)
brneyedbarbie said…
Is this the Dolce and Gabbana "Miss Charles??"

Because I like the double straps that come out from the top of your bag much better than the pictures shown on other websites with the single strap that comes out from the sides detailed with crystals.

Does the bag come with both straps?

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