The Cream T-Shirt

Ibrah Edited collection is out...

The Cream T-Shirt, a T-Shirt which features a print of Ibrah's cream necklace with a black ribbon that you tie around your neck. 

6 different colors are available at Fortune Cookie Boutique in Karizma - next to Al-Amiri Hospital, and at pick your tag online store
check out our facebook page for more colors

You could wear these beautiful tee's with high waist pants or create a more feminine look by paring it with a skirt or just go for a casual and relaxed look by wearing it with your favorite harem pants

Want to place your order now?
 click here for grey and purple tee
click here grey and green
 click here grey and orange

click here for khaki and pink tee
click here for khaki and blue
click here for khaki and red


Anonymous said…
wow I love it!! Great work ibrah! :)
nour said…
i like it so creative
Anonymous said…
the high waist pants min ween? shkla 7elo o 3amali mo rasmi :P
Alya said…
Just went to the link to your previous post with your bib necklaces. They were amazing! So beautiful! Will you be creating those again?
alfahahy said…
Can i have it in long sleeves?
and the beige harem pants is amazing too, may i know from where? :)
Me Blogging said…
Thanx all

anounymous: madri wallah min wain, its the model's own pants

Alya: we have stopped producing this necklace, there us only one now available at pick your tag in blue

and if you have someone you know in Bahrain, you could get them from there, they have a large collection, at Creme Boutique at Al-Ali complex

no im sorry we only have these, no long sleeves

and the pink pants, i really don't know what brand it is, its the model's own pants

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