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Ibrah Edited by Ibrah is specialized in altering high street clothes with the latest trends
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Anonymous said…
if u not mind me asking
do u own IBRAH?!
cuz u seem to post a lot about them mashala

Me Blogging said…
Yes we are the owners of ibrah :)
Anonymous said…
let me just say that u have the coolest shop in kuwait!
i loev that u provide coool stuff!
and being a kuwaiti im so proud <3
Me Blogging said…
wee chan zain we own a shop :)
Do you mean pick your tag?
that's my friends store, and if this is what you mean then yah she has a great collection of things

thank you for your kind words
Anonymous said…
NOO! i mean Ibrah
i asked u before oo u said "Yes we are the owners of ibrah" ;P
u know just an good idea for ur shop is to get the Nicole Richie jewelry
(House Of Harlow)
its such an AMAZING thing <3it !
i hope u get it
promise to be the first one to buy it;D
Love the blog personally !
it so fresh! and service SOME GREAT TIPS on fashion
one note : do more makeup and hair stuff ;P that would add cherry on top
Me Blogging said…
We own the label not a shop
all of the things you saw on our facebook page are mostly hand made, we do those thing, and we sell them through pick your tag store

as for house of harlow you can find them at Goji boutique online store

glad you liked the blog, and will think about the make up and hair thing, mo majali esara7a :)
Anonymous said…
Even if u do not own the shop its soo COOOL to own a label as will !
a7san men b3'9 el nas 83dain la sh'3lah wala msh'3la (E7m lets say moi;P)
sorry if i asked a lot ;$
bs im just curoies
whish u the best of LUUCK
and keep up the good work<3
Anonymous said…
Me Blogging said…
Thank you dear and ask as much as you want, my yredech ela key boardich
lorra said…
ok bss 3ashan afham so what u do is u have ols cloth o et3adloonha et'3ayroom shakelhaaaa
Me Blogging said…
lorra: actually they are new cloths from high street fashion stores like H&M or Zara, usually plain ones and we add some stuff on them
Anonymous said…
7alata emsameena ibras touch, or ibrah touched it.

Ibrah modification ..ibrah's touch up..ibrah was here shey chithi ma 3ijabni the name wayed

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