The Collar Trend

At Bimba & Lola - 360 Mall
Price tag: KD 26

pictures above from 3.1 Philip Lim fall/winter 2010 fashion show

you think the collar will be a trend here in Kuwait?
what do you say, like the trend or hate it?


Summer said…
Wow!! it looks so cute!! i'm getting the one from bimba and lola! :D
Anonymous said…
i like
Unknown said…
Hehe I just saw it hnak, fe similar stuff at zara fanar as well ;)
pearl collar and such!
Pure said…
hmmm the one at bimba & lola looks like a baby's bib :s
but i love philip lim's collar :D
Anonymous said…
it will actually be nice for met7ajbat, coz i always suffer with an wide opening for my tops and that could be usefull and stylish, meee likey,, going to get one for sure!
Me Blogging said…
Yah I like philip lim's collar more
Unknown said…
ee kan fee m3r'6 swoo esma "cuffs and collars" so the habba is here blq8 :)
AWESOME !! thanks for sharing girl, fee '3air mn hal shkl?

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