Casablanca - Lebanon

مطعم صيني ، فيوجن على قولتهم ، أمي إختارته لأن كونفاشن كانت كاتبة عنه من قبل و انا طابعتلها البوستات ، نضحك نمشي مع أوراقنا ندور المطعم، مكانهم مدعوس ،التكسي سأل يالله لقينا المكان،  خو لبنان كله جذي ، دواعيس 

Casablanaca is a Chinese Restaurant, or as they say fusion cuisine, Mum chose it based on Confashion recommendation on her blog. I printed all her posts about Lebanon and gave it to her, we look so funny holding those papers full of posts looking for the place. We couldn't find it at first, then the taxi driver asked for directions and here it is, ohh well this is Lebanon.

شوفوا شنو جدامهم
Look what's in front of the restaurant

كنا نبي نتريق في ، طلع الريوق بس يقدمونه يوم الأحد  ، فكلينا في كالاماري ، ربيان و جييز كيك لذيييذه
كان زوين ، ما إينن اعطي 4/5

we wanted to have breakfast, but it turned out that they only serve breakfast on Sundays, so we ended up eating calamari, shrimps and had a cheese cake at the end, the cake was delicious.
the place was fine, not wow, I give it 4/5

Rue Dar el-Mreisseh, Ain el-Mreisseh

Qaddoura Building, Second Floor, Beirut, Lebanon


Confashion said…
The breakfast is what they're famous for. Other meals are mediocre ;)

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