Zinio on iPad

تذكرون يوم كتبت عن زينيو مال المجلات الديجيتال ؟
أمس نزلت برنامج زينيو مال الــ
و دخلت على حسابي  مال المجلات ، إينن كلش ما توقته جذي ، وايد واضح و لما أتصفح المجلة وايد سريع ، أحلى من إني أشوفها على اللابتوب ، ألحين بشترك في أكثر من مجلة ، و امي من كثر ما عجبها قاعدة تفكر تاخذ لها واحد ، تقول انا ما أشوف زين و هذا أريح لي مع الزووم

Remember when I posted about digital magazines using Zinio?
Well, yesterday I downloaded Zinio application for iPad, and logged into my Zinio account and WOW it was so much fun reading it on iPad than on my laptop, it's was so clear and fast when turning the pages. I love it,  Now I'm subscribing into more magazines, and Mum loved it so much that she is thinking of getting an iPad, she likes zooming into anything small that she can't see.

وااااي إتشوق الدعاية ، مادونا مع البيبي ، كلش ما يلوق
Look how cute this Dolce and Gabbana's AD is.


f7ee7eely said…
Nothin would make me wanna get my hands on an ipad more than this very application you're talking about....Can you please shed more light as to how to subscribe to magazines via this application???

Much obliged
mompedia said…
I downloaded the app
o choose 2 free mag to try it
bs whenever i press on the mag it takes me directly to the app which crashes immediatly o doesnt work
do u have any idea why is this happening?
Me Blogging said…
I really don't know why this is happening, maybe you need to open them directly from the application, not from the website?

madre walla

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