White Expo.

White Expo in 360 Mall - Om Kalthoum Hall
باجر آخر يوم - Tomorrow is the last day

مادري ليش مسمينا المعرض الأبيض مع إن المكان كله أسود

I don't know why it's called white expo while the whole place is black

تذكرون بوست السلاسل إلي جنهم سكارف؟ لقيت بنات مسوين نفسهم

Remember the post Roarke Necklaces?  well I found girls who make them

 عجبني إن أقدر أطول السلسله عشان تبين من الحجاب و ما يغطيها

I like how they added an extension to the necklace to make it longer for girls wearing Hijab,
and it will not get covered

طلبت السلسلة التايغر ، إنباعوا كلهم امس

I ordered a Leopard necklace, they were sold out last night

Necessories contact: 97777555

كل دراريعهم حلوين  ، في وحده وايد عجبتني بس كانت وايد غالية 200 دينار

All of their Daraa's are stunning, I found one that I really liked but it was too expensive KD 200

Contact: +965 - 9922 2047
items available at Karkoosha

 شريت هذا ، بس أزرق ، بالصج وايد احلى من الصورة
I bought this, but in blue, in reality it looks nicer than the picture

I Love Suzani


Our home
97899909 - 99446448


N said…
Thank you for the pictures on this event, I cant find many other bloggers who have posted pictures.
I was wondering if you happened to remeber what the booth in the first picture (the one with the many colorful flowers) was for?
Tahnk you again for the pictures.
Me Blogging said…
Hi N
glad you liked the pictures

I really can't remember what's the name of the booth with flowers, maybe it was called scratch? madre wallah
Anonymous said…
Hii .
Lovvvved iLroarke Necklaces Bas Mumkin A3rf Eb Cham?
oo Thankyou walla ur blog yfeed bshakil mu 6abee3y ! =D
Me Blogging said…
Anonymous: glad I could help :)
el necklace eb KD 65
Fashionista said…
I was wondering b3ad why White!! but it was full of creative designers mashalaa... the only thing kanaw a bit expensive!

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