طااااالع ، أنا كنت بسوي سلسله مثل هذي
و لا هذي أحلى من ما انا تخيلت
شوفوا باجي المجموعه إتينن

HUH, I was thinking of doing the same thing
But that one looks much better than I ever imagined
Check out the rest of the collection, it's breathtaking

Roarke available at Shopbop


Alya said…
Is that a necklace or a scarf? Eitherway, it looks gorgeous!

I bet you could do something similar since you're great at DIY projects ;)
habbosh said…
if ur doing something similar i want tiger one :) rrrrrr
with lots of blings :)
Aseel said…
Please lemme know if you are making one.. It's so lovely and I suck at ordering stuff online! Hehehe
LaLa said…
GORG ! kil el collection 7ilo mshlaa !
Tazmania said…
ths definitely will look like a new sexy hit :)

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